05 April 2009
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Περιλήψεις Εισηγήσεων Συνεδρίου

Jan-Erik Johansson

«Will there be any pre-school teacher in the future?»
Present trends in some European countries

   Today the maternal pedagogy of the kindergarten seems to be almost forgotten in the Nordic countries. This is strange since the kindergarten is more than 150 years old, and has spread from Germany to France, England and to the United States and elsewhere. There is a common Nordic kindergarten tradition in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

   There are both internal and external reasons why the kindergarten ideology seems to be forgotten. From an external point of view, starting in Norway, the kindergarten pedagogy is partly described as tacit, and there is no wish to employ professionally educated kindergarten teachers only.

   Looking from the inside of the Nordic kindergarten, the kindergarten teachers have not described and analyzed their ideology in a systematic way. The fact that it has been almost forbidden to teach reading and writing in the kindergarten has not been addressed. The kindergarten movement has not successfully related to the nursery nurses working in the kindergarten in a systematic way.

  Altogether this means that the kindergarten is in a weak position, when basic elementary school components such as reading and writing are introduced in preparatory programs. Together with present reforms in the teacher education, and the work force composition in the kindergarten, this could mean the end of both the traditional kindergarten pedagogy and of the kindergarten teacher in the Nordic countries.

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